A Message From Dr. Brower

A Message From Dr. Brower

To the PLNU Community:

Yesterday PLNU was contacted by the FBI regarding a potential threat to PLNU campuses. Upon notification of this potential threat, the university took immediate action to suspend classes, close several of its campuses and work closely with law enforcement.

While the threat was based upon unspecified comments, law enforcement across San Diego immediately began an investigation into the veracity of the statements. Ultimately, the threat has been mitigated and there is no longer a danger to the PLNU campuses.

Our priority as a university – and my chief goal as the president – is to provide a safe and positive learning environment for all students, faculty and staff. We are grateful for the swift and thorough investigation by the FBI and the San Diego Police Department. Their expert work and guidance helped to ensure the continued safety of our campus communities.

In particular, I would like to thank each of our students, faculty, staff and parents for your understanding and cooperation throughout the day. These situations are never easy.  As a community, when difficult events occur, our focus is on taking quick, calm, measured action.

While we cannot speak regarding the individual who was involved with these allegations, we can speak to the fact that the community sought to respond effectively and appropriately to an unfortunate event.

As with any threat to our community, we vow to partner with law enforcement and work quickly to ensure the safety of the university community.  In today’s world, a person’s statements will be taken seriously.  This is a reminder for everyone to be cognizant of their words.

Thanks again to the university community and the coordination and support of San Diego law enforcement.

With gratitude,

President Brower